How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

good nights sleep

If you’re like the countless millions of people on this planet, you struggle to go to sleep. As this is very irritating, it’s quite normal. Know you aren’t the only one struggling with this.

There are several ways to get good sleep, and there are several reasons as to why you’re not getting good sleep. First, let’s cover ways of why sleeping is difficult sometimes.

Sleeping is Hard

I’m right here with you on this one. My sleep has been terrible lately as I’ve been getting older. For me, the actual reason was work stress. Without getting into to much detail, my line of work was with special education, and I was constantly on high alert throughout the day.

I’ve recognized that stress being cared over from work, will worsen sleep for you. I mean, think about it. If you’re considerably stressed out, and don’t take the time to windle down, all that stress will get bottled in your mind.

So, take the time your body needs to windle down from a rough work week. Take an hour or more to try and calm down before you’ve hit the sack.


Your sleeping platform means a lot to your sleep. It might even be too comfortable. However, a lot of the time, people need the right bed for them. Have you ever thought of this before? People are all different, some need a stiffer bed, while others need a softer bed.

A Pillow matter too! Don’t forget about the pillow! Using too thick of a pillow will cause neck and back strain because your head is up all night. This puts your neck and back all out of alignment and can cause pains.

Sleeping Tip Time

Sticking to a sleeping schedule is probably the best thing you can do. If your schedule is all over the place, you’ll have trouble falling asleep because you won’t be tired when you need to be.

Work out

Regular exercise is also a good point to acknowledge. Many people simply do not exercise, and if you think about it, if you did exercise, your body will be tired. You’ve burned an accessible amount of calories, your body needs to recoup.

No Smoking Cigarettes or Drinking Alcohol

Many people drink after a long workday. A glass of wine every day is okay, but try to avoid drinking right before you go to sleep. Cigarettes can harm sleep too. This is due to the Nicotine, which can be an upper and a downer.

No Pillow

This is from my studies and sounds crazy, I know, but let me explain. Without the use of a pillow, your neck and back stay naturally aligned. That means, there is no muscle pinching. No aches and pains during the night and when you wake up, you won’t have a stiff neck. You’ll be able to sleep soundly throughout the night, due to the correct alignment!

Hopefully, these tips help you get the sleep you deserve. Some take time to get used, but with some discipline, sleep can become excellent once again. Contact Hodgsons Pharmacy if you have questions.