Frequently Asked Questions

1When calling in my prescription order verbally what information should I have ready?
•Patient's name •Patient's date of birth •Presciption number or name of the medication •Any OTC (over-the-counter) items you would like included in your order •Pick-up or delivery and any special instructions or questions you may have with order •Call back number in case we have any questions or issues with your order
2How do I know if a prescription is refillable?
The number of usable refills you currently have can be located on your prescription label in the bottom right-hand corner. If this information is unavailable to you, you think it is incorrect, or you would just rather ask us personally please feel free to call us and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.
3Can my written prescriptions become invalid over time?
Yes. Depending on whether a medications is non-controlled or controlled different laws apply. Please check with our pharmacist if you have any questions in this area. Please Note: The validity of a written prescription is not to be confused with the prescription's expiration date, which refers to the date that the medication itself will have lost most of its potency.
4I have refills remaining on an old prescription. Can I still refill this prescription?
Usually no. Please check with our pharmacy staff to see if a prescription is still valid or beyond the prescription's expiration date.
5Is it safe to take a medication that is past the expiration date?
This a question that is somewhat debated in the medical community. The general consensus is that most (not all) medications may be safely consumed after the expiration date, though at the cost of its intended potency and usefulness. We do not recommend the consumption of expired medication. It is in your best interest to simply renew the medication to avoid any unwanted complications. If you have questions about a particular medication, please call and check with the pharmacist.
6How should I go about renewing a prescription that is out of refills and/or invalid?
When calling in refill orders by phone, we will inform you whether or not your prescription can be refilled and will give you the option to let us contact your doctor, or to let you contact him/her yourself. Please Note: Refill requests generally take between 24-72 hours to elicit a response from your doctor’s office (depending on the office). If your refill request is an emergency, we recommend that YOU contact your doctor!
7How do I order a prescription that was filed for later use?
Prescriptions that have been put “on hold” may be ordered by phone or in person, just as you might a normal prescription. However, instead of giving us the prescription number, please just provide the prescription name and inform us that it has been filed/put on hold.
8Can you help me with drug and insurance-related issues?
Our pharmacy staff can generally provide on-site consultations anytime during normal business hours. Although insurance problems are probably best directed toward your insurance company, our pharmacists will be happy to assist you with their wide range of experience and expertise.
9Can I have prescriptions transferred to you from another drug store, or vice versa?
Of course! Please just provide us with the name of the pharmacy, the pharmacy's telephone number, the prescription name(s) or number(s), and a phone number to reach you if we have any questions.
10How does delivery work?
Hodgson's Pharmacy provides free local delivery service for those without transportation, or even to those who just don’t have time to stop by the store (even though we love to see you!). Please call to verify that your address is within our delivery radius! Our regular delivery service runs Monday thru Friday and departs at 2pm. Same-day deliveries must be placed weekdays before 1:00 PM to ensure they make the truck. If you have special delivery instructions (i.e. where to put the delivery, gate codes, calling before we deliver, etc.), please tell us when you place your order.
11I requested to have something delivered - When should I expect the delivery?
We have only one delivery driver to shoulder all our deliveries – and we have many, many deliveries per day. Prescriptions ordered to be delivered before the cut-off time (see above) will be delivered same day, assuming there are no difficulties filling your prescription(s). Generally, deliveries can be expected to arrive between 2 and 6 PM. If your delivery is an EMERGENCY, we will work with you to ensure you receive it as quickly as possible - please indicate so during your order.
12What if I have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ section?
No problem! We will happily respond to any questions, concerns, issues, or anything else you require via phone or on-site consultation. We are here to help!